Motel Gunning is making a fresh start for 2015

Funny, but it seems it was only yesterday, when I made my blog for the motel. How time flies ,because when I looked at my last entry , it was few years back. I know that today I want to have a fresh start  .


Where do I begin. after the long absence, So many things happened in the motel.
We have refurbished our rooms,repainted  and try to do the best that we can possible to improve our service to our guests to make  their stay enjoyable as much as comfortable. We just have new 5-star beds in our rooms,new sheets and replaced the  curtains in every room. Thanks to the people who   supported the business who made our projects for the motel a success. There are still some room for improvements though but we will do our best that they will be achieved in due time.

IMG_1003We have  some good rain in the place that I’m glad to show you how the grounds of Gunning Motel look like in the middle of summer 2015. But if you are interested what’s new in Gunning Motel why not visit our Facebook page. Search for Gunning Motel and don’t forget to like us in Facebook.


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