Lovable birds and animals

IMG_0049_1It is not unusual to wake up with the sight and sound of the birds in the motel. Being in a 2.5 acre land, birds like the pink gahlas, cockatoo, rosellas, mugpie, kookabura and little finches normally roam around the motel yards. This is a haven for them .Sheeps and horses can also be seen in the place but not on motel grounds. They really add that real country feeling.We don’t allow dogs inside our rooms, which cause disappointments to some of our guests because they don’t like to leave their pets outside.Lately ,we have some lovely stray pussy cats,but as they grew older, they left the place.I love them to stay around but …although I see them occassionaly .We have a resident cat though and its name is Johna.

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